The name of this organization shall be the Indiana Missionary Baptist State Convention.


The objective of this Convention shall be to stimulate and assist the Churches and Auxiliaries, of which it is composed, in the prosecution of the Missionary, Education, and Church Extension Work throughout the confines of the State of Indiana, and the Home and Foreign Fields. This Convention shall promote the maintenance and assistance of Baptists Churches and Bible Schools, the circulation of the Bible and denominational literature, the care of needy and worthy pastors and missionaries, and generally to promote the interest of Missionary Baptists, and to do all things necessary and/or proper to advance the Cause of Christ, to give expression to the opinions of its constituency upon moral, religions and doctrinal matters, to promote evangelization of the world, to support earnestly the work of cooperating organizations of the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, and by the affiliation with that Convention to promote its plans and works, and to do, have and enjoy all other things and powers necessary of convenience for carrying out any or all of said objects and purposes.


Authority: This Convention recognizes our Baptist policy and traditions and shall not exercise any authority and/or control over local Churches and recognizes the corollary truth that it is an independent body, not subject to the authority or control of the Churches any more than the Churches are subject to its authority and control.